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Questions, Answers, and Helpful Hints:

Listed below are a number of articles, web dialog excerpts and questions and answers that have been written by AHA members in the past. If you are new to helmets they are all worthy of reading. If you are familiar with the breed and are looking for a few pointers just read those with titles of interest to you!

We hope these will help!

Web Dialog

Air in Squabs Crops.pdf

Breeding from Cracked Eyes.pdf

Hand Feeding 1.pdf

Plainhead Markings Discussion.pdf

To Vaccinate or Not Web Thread.pdf

Questions and Answers

Q&A Summary up to Dec 98.pdf

Good Articles

(in no particular order)

Helmet Color Prediction Chart.pdf

Helmet Score Card - Crested.pdf

Helmet Score Card - Plainhead.pdf

Helmet Score Card Reference.pdf

How I Get MFC Helmets to be Better Parents.pdf

How to Enter Helmets in a Show.pdf

Raising Helmets Without Feeders.pdf

Thoughts on Helmet Breeding.pdf

Thoughts on Loft Design.pdf

Helmet Show Entry Quick Reference.pdf

The Advantage of Complimentary Breeds.pdf

What is psittacosis chlamydia.pdf

Chlamydia Psittaci.pdf

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